Chiropractic Natural Health Associates Review - Painless Chiropractic Care, and Beyond

Chiropractic Natural Health Associates, 15831 W. 12 Mile Road, Southfield

One thing I can’t help but notice at Chiropractic Natural Health Associates in Southfield, Michigan, is how friendly everyone who works there is! From the greeting at the front desk to the appointment with the practitioner, each person is friendlier than the next.

Two of the friendly faces at CNHA, Bay (L) and Dawn

Everyone there is treated like family – and the three DC’s (Doctor of Chiropractic) and the ND (Naturopathic Doctor) at this clinic are, in fact, family! CNHA features Dr. Bruce Born (“Dr. Born”), his son Dr. Bryan Born (“Dr. Bryan”), and Bryan’s wife, Dr. Carol Born (“Dr. Carol”). In addition, Mary Born, ND (also a Certified Natural Health Professional and Master of Holistic Healing), is the wife, mother, and mother-in-law of the DC’s, respectively. In addition, the clinic features an onsite myomassologist, Kathy Peltier, trained at the renowned Irene’s Myomassology Institute (Southfield, MI).

Hallway to Dr. Bryan's treatment rooms - notice the family photos on the right

Another thing I can’t help but noticing is how comfortable – even enjoyable – the chiropractic adjustment itself is. One of the compelling features of treatment by any of the Borns' is the absence of the “snap, crackle, pop” hands-on methods that characterize many traditional forms of chiropractic care.  Instead, the Borns' utilize a number of spiffy handheld devices, which achieve results quickly and painlessly.

Dr. Bruce Born

Dr. Bruce Born started all this, becoming the first of 5 chiropractors in his family! In addition to being a DC, he earned his BA in Humanities, and in 1972 was certified as an Internist by the American College of Chiropractic Internists (F.A.C.C.I.). He is also a certified acupuncturist, as well as being qualified in Applied Kinesiology (which he uses on all his patients) and Roentgenology. In all my years as a patient at CNHA, I’ve never seen him anything but smiling, joking, and highly energetic (do they bottle that?).

Dr. Mary Born

Dr. Mary Born has been actively acquiring and sharing expertise in  natural health care, prevention and maintenance for over 30 years, and her background is too varied and diverse to list here! Among other things, she offers gentle emotional healing using energetic techniques including NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) and the use of flower essences and aromatherapy. She is highly trained and experienced as an herbalist, and offers consultations regarding nutritional deficiencies and supplementation, with the help of a spiffy new computer program which reads each patient and their BioMarkers individually. Her practice is called For The Health Of It, and in addition to meeting one-on-one with patients, she regularly offers classes throughout the metro Detroit area. She is currently offering Webinars (web based classes) on various topics such as Growing Older Gracefully, Healthy Snacking, and Keeping Blood Sugar Regulated. Links to register - as well as previous classes available for downloading - are available on her website at

Dr. Bryan Born

Drs.' Bryan and Carol met at their alma matter, at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. They were study partners in senior year, but not until moments after graduation did Dr. Bryan look at her and realize, “that’s my future wife.” Good thing, because otherwise they’d never have been able to concentrate on their studies! Each pursued a career in chiropractic in large part because of dramatic and positive experiences they each experienced growing up with chiropractic care, as well as out of a genuine desire to make helping people their life’s work. Dr. Carol enjoys treating families, and has a special passion for helping pregnant women.

Dr. Carol Born

In addition to high quality spinal care, Dr. Bryan Born has expertise on a number of other issues, which he shares with his patients to maximize results and enhance quality of life. For example, did you know that chiropractors receive more training in neurology than any other doctor, second only to actual neurologists? Dr. Bryan is able to detect subtle imbalances in brain function that can be supported and improved by simple exercises patients incorporate into their daily routines, like 60-120 seconds of cross crawls (or variations thereof).

Kathy Peltier, Myomassologyst

In addition, the underlying culprit for many complaints (i.e. “unexplained” irritability, especially in children; difficulty sleeping; indigestion; ear infections; and fever) is often an open illeocecal valve (ICV) (don’t worry; I’d never heard of an ICV before Dr. Bryan either!)  This is something that I’ve never seen or heard of being addressed in any other doctor’s office, DC or otherwise, prior to meeting Dr. Bryan. Far better to have an adjustment or two and get the issue resolved than mask it with OTC drugs or other means of masking symptoms without identifying the cause. Fortunately, Dr. Bryan is frequently able to narrow down and address the myriad possible causes for the ICV malfunction in the first place, i.e., emotional stress, physical stress, adrenal stress, a simple subluxation (due to lack of spinal alignment), or a food or environmental sensitivity.

One of Dr. Bryan's treatment rooms

Speaking of food and environmental stressors, Dr. Bryan is trained in Total Body Modification,  a chiropractic technique that can help your nervous system to “retrain” and not “over-react” to benign substances (such as particular foods or environmental substances like pet hair or dander, pollens, molds, dust, etc.), as well as to be more resistant to not- so-benign substances like gas fumes, cigarette smoke, or the poisons and heavy metals found in many vaccines. ”Sensitivities” can express themselves in many ways, as officially diagnosed “allergies,” or symptoms including irritability or negative change of mood, brain fog, hyperactivity, exhaustion, headache, sneezing, sore throat, or hives, rashes, and other inflammatory skin issues.  Dr. Bryan added this discipline to his repertoire after experiencing the amazing results himself as a patient, going from once having life-threatening allergies, to “being able to have a good night’s sleep with a cat sitting on my head”!

A stained glass masterpiece handmade by Dr. Born greets patients at the entrance and in the waiting room

I first learned about Dr. Bryan from my sister (who was referred by a very happy patient of Dr. Bryan’s). She had taken her second son as an infant after suffering for months with a baby who (unlike her first) was very irritable, tense, and a fitful sleeper. After a few (quick and painless!) adjustments with Dr. Bryan, he was” like a different child:” easy going, comfortable, and a much better sleeper. It was a clear result of Dr. Bryan’s work with him.

Bay working at the computer

Though our entire family has benefited in myriad ways from treatment with Dr. Bryan over the years, I think our most significant experience came after the birth of our daughter. We went straight from the hospital to Dr. Bryan – even before heading home!  After a long and difficult labor, I was in terrible pain, was terribly hunched over, and I was unable to walk with a normal gait (i.e., lift my feet while walking). I shuffled into his office… and walked out. My pain decreased dramatically almost immediately, and I stood nearly upright! After just 2 more visits, I was back to normal. Contrast this to the months of pain and physical limitation following the birth of my first child years before – before I knew about Dr. Bryan.

The waiting room at CNHA includes a video about natural and chiropractic health

As for my newborn, she had red blotches and bumps all over her face, was very tight and tense, and was often uncomfortable and unhappy. She was having difficulty nursing as well, and seemed to experience distress afterward. After her first adjustment, my parents, husband and I were all amazed at the transformation: she was noticeably more relaxed, as evidenced by open hands (instead of tight fists); her breathing was deep, rhythmic (rather than short and shallow); and she (and I!) enjoyed longer, deeper sleep. Over the course of the next several months and regular visits to Dr. Bryan, her skin improved dramatically, as did her overall disposition, comfort, and contentedness.

Incredibly, Dr. Bryan actually offers a full year of free chiropractic care for all infant children of current patients – and any infant, child of patient or not, will be treated free of charge for the infant’s first 3 months! He does this simply because he cares, and wants to do his part in giving them the best possible start in life.

Check-out desk - stained glass lampshade made by Dr. Bruce Born

I’ve written a great deal about Dr. Bryan, since as his patient, most of my CNHA experience is in that capacity. However, you can rest assured that no matter which DC (or other practitioner) you choose at Chiropractic Natural Health Associates, you’re sure to have a pleasant, painless and healing experience with a warm, caring, highly trained and experienced professional.

To learn more about CNHA, the practitioners, and their services – and to view some informative and enjoyable videos of Dr. Bryan at work! - visit their website at or call (248) 559-6763.

To learn more about Dr. Mary Born  and For The Health Of It, visit her website at or call 248-623-2288, or CNHA.

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